Spring is Here!: Anime for the Season

It took quite a while for this day to come, but Spring is finally here! Despite growing up in an equatorial country where there is no seasonal variation, I was under the impression that Winter ends with the coming of March. Yet, it is now the 21 April and, finally, Edinburgh is starting to become truly Spring-like.

Behold! The beauty of Spring!

I know I took a lot of separate photographs with just the yellow and white flowers, but notice the differences? The 2nd photograph of the flowers seems to be of a cluster that is a hybrid of both the pure yellow and pure white flowers. The pure-yellow ones have yellow outer and inner petals. The pure-white ones have white outer petals and deep-orange inner petals. The hybrid ones have white outer petals (like the pure-white ones), but the inside is yellow! I know it is rather weird, but I tend to pay attention to things like that. I wonder if it is truly a naturally-occurring hybrid, or something else altogether!

Along with this season comes one of my favourite anime of all time: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (四月は君の嘘) or Your Lie in April. The show is currently on Netflix and I greatly recommend it!


Instead of giving a boring synopsis, I will just go through some of my favourite quotes in the anime. That is because: (1) The show is too beautiful, deep and meaningful for me to give any spoilers without feeling like I’ve done it injustice. (2) It is the kind of anime where the emotions are central, thus, I believe the best quotes of each episode should be enough to inspire interest!

Episode 1 (Monotone/Colourful): “Spring is blooming all around…and I’m…taking off with you.”

Episode 2 (Friend A): “The music I create here…is it going to reach them?”

Episode 3 (Inside Spring): “You exist within springtime. A flourish of life unlike anything I’ve ever known.”

Episode 4 (The Journey): “This silence belongs to us and these people are waiting for us to fill it with something.”

Episode 5 (Gray Skies): “The piano is just a part of you, but in that moment…it was your universe.”

Episode 6 (On the Way Home): “Why sail the seas if you’re stuck under the dock?”

Episode 7 (The Shadows Whisper): “Just play with sincerity. Give the performance of your lifetime with everything you’ve got.”

Episode 8 (Let it Ring): “Red and yellow. Her anger, and her loneliness. Chopin’s Etude, Op.25, No. 11, Le vent d’hiver – Winter Wind.”

Episode 9 (Resonance): “The other pianists won’t let him hang back. They won’t allow him to stop. After all, he is a musician.”

Episode 10 (The Scenery I Shared With You): “Setbacks come with the territory of being a superstar. In the face of adversity, that’s when you know if someone’s the real deal or not.”

Episode 11 (Light of Life): “So ephemeral and weak, but it’s shining with all its might. Thump, thump, like a heartbeat. This is the light of life.”


Episode 12 (Twinkle Little Star): “The sounds that rise up from the bottom of your soul. You’ve been letting them override all else without realising it. The sounds within you, the imagined scenery.”

Episode 13 (Love’s Sorrow): “We’re all connected. Just like the notes are intermittently connected, it’s shared by us all. Through music, with the people you know, with the people you don’t know, with all the people in the world.”

Episode 14 (Footsteps): “But then midway through, the sound disappeared. My mom’s words, her gestures, her smell…My memories of her turned into notes, and flew away into the sky.”

Episode 15 (Liar): “A canelé eaten at night has a slightly bitter, gentle taste.”

Episode 16 (Two of a Kind): “A noble sacrifice. A love that seeks nothing in return. I am the phantom. The phantom who lurks in the opera house.”

Episode 17 (Twilight): “When you’ve reached tons of people with those sounds, when your hearts come together…music just might transcend words.”

Episode 18 (Hearts Come Together): “Unlike everybody else, I don’t yearn to become a pro, and I’m not prepared to dedicate myself to music, but there are people who will listen. There are people I want to play for. There are people that I love… Isn’t that a good enough reason to want to play?”

Episode 19 (Goodbye, Hero): “Even if it gives me only a little more time, even if there’s only the slightest hope, I’m willing to cling to anything… Because it’s my life…if I give up now…I’d just feel sorry for myself.”

Episode 20 (Hand in Hand): “It’s just that you’re good at hiding it. So good, you can’t even find it yourself. So I’m going to find it for you.”

Episode 21 (Snow): “Kousei’s performance is bursting with colour. Bursting…with such mournful colour.”

Episode 22 (Spring Wind): “Spring will be here soon. Spring, the season I met you, is coming. A spring without you…is coming.”


It’s more than just an anime about romance. Sure, there is a clear romantic interest between the 2 main characters, with the additional of love triangles. Yet, it is one of those Shoujos that is more than just a romance. For one, the characters are 14 – love here has a very different connotation. What stands out more is the main characters’ love for music, the ability of music to connect and the idea of someone who is meant to come only ‘once in a lifetime’.

Talking anymore about it would risk spoilers, so I’ll just end off with the 2 absolutely heart-moving openings for this anime: Hikaru Nara (光るなら) [Shine] and Nanairo Symphony (七色シンフォニー) [Rainbow Symphony].

Hikaru Nara (光るなら) [Shine]

雨上がりの虹も 凛と咲いた花も 色づき溢れ出す
Rainbows after the rain and valiantly blooming flowers spread colour about.
茜色の空 仰ぐ君に あの日 恋に落ちた
I fell in love with you that day, as you gazed up at the crimson sky.

Not even an instantaneous frame
消えないよ 心に刻むから
Of this dramatic film will fade, as I’ll carve it all into my heart

君だよ 君なんだよ 教えてくれた
It was you, it was you! The one who made me realise
暗闇も光るなら 星空になる
If we can make even the darkness shine, it will become a starry sky.
悲しみを笑顔に もう隠さないで
Stop hiding your sadness behind a smile,
煌めくどんな星も 君を照らすから
Because every one of these twinkling stars will shine upon you.

眠りも忘れて迎えた朝日が やたらと突き刺さる
The morning light I faced, having forgotten to sleep, was so stingingly bright
低気圧運ぶ 頭痛だって 忘れる 君に会えば
But I even forgot the tenseness of my headache when I saw you.
静寂はロマンティック 紅茶に溶けたシュガーのように
A silent romantic, like sugar melting into black tea,
全身に巡るよ 君の声
As your voice swirls through my entire body.

君だよ 君なんだよ 笑顔をくれた
It was you, it was you! The one who gave me this smile
涙も光るなら 流星になる
If we can make tears shine, they’ll become shooting stars.
傷付いたその手を もう離さないで
Your hand has been hurt, but don’t ever let go again
願いを込めた空に 明日が来るから
From a sky filled with wishes, tomorrow will come soon

導いてくれた 光は 君だよ
The light that led me was you.
つられて僕も 走り出した
I was pulled along into a run.
知らぬ間に クロスし始めた
Before I knew it, we were beginning to cross paths:
ほら 今だ ここで 光るなら
Now it’s time! If we can just shine here…

君だよ 君なんだよ 教えてくれた 暗闇は終わるから
It was you, it was you! The one who made me realise that the darkness will come to an end!

君だよ 君なんだよ 教えてくれた
It was you, it was you! The one who made me realise
暗闇も光るなら 星空になる
If we can make the darkness shine, it will become a starry sky
悲しみを笑顔に もう隠さないで
Stop hiding your sadness behind a smile,
煌めくどんな星も 君を照らすから
Because every one of these twinkling stars will shine upon you.

Is the answer always born of coincidence? Necessity?
The path we once chose is what will end up as our fate.
The hopes and concerns you clutched so tightly,
Will surely move us forward to become one with the light.

Nanairo Symphony (七色シンフォニー) [Rainbow Symphony]

We’re playing a vivid symphony:
A rainbow symphony!

忘れようとすることで 傷が癒えないのは
The reason scars don’t heal when you try to forget,
忘れようとすることで 思い出されるから
Is because trying to forget makes you remember them.
僕は 巡り巡り巡り巡り巡ってく
I go around, and around, and around, and around in circles,
止まった時計の前で 立ちつくすのはやめよう
But I think it’s time to stop spacing in front of a clock that’s already stopped.

いつまでも 君といたいと
The more powerfully I feel,
That I want to be with you forever,
いてもたっても いられなくなるよ
The more I lose the ability to stay in one place.
僕は雨 君は太陽 手を繋ごう
I am the rain, you’re the sun, so let’s join hands;
We’re right here together!

We’re playing a vivid symphony:
A rainbow symphony;
I’ve stumbled upon sounds,
I wasn’t able to produce alone!
泣いて笑って ドレミファソ
Crying, laughing, with a do-re-mi-fa-so;
A symphony of emotions resounding together.

白いため息は いつの間にか空に消えて
My white sighs disappear into the sky without warning,
見上げれば 桜はピンクのつぼみをつける
As I look up to the sky and notice pink blooms forming upon the cherry blossoms.
僕は 巡り巡り巡り巡り巡ってく
I go around, and around, and around, and around in circles;
喜びも切なさも背負って 春を待っている
Bearing all my happiness and pain, I’m waiting for spring.

不思議だよ 君の笑顔は
It’s so strange: your smile,
Stains this monochrome city,
色鮮やかに 染めてゆくんだ
With so much vivid colour.
ねぇ 今この一瞬を抱きしめよう
Hey, let’s hold tight to this moment:
We’re here, together!

Petals float through the sky,
In a spring-coloured symphony;
I’ve stumbled upon sounds,
I can’t produce at any other time than now!
君がいるから 笑えるよ
Because you’re here with me, I can smile;
A symphony that shares time between us.

君はいつも 魔法使い
You’re always a magician,
Making the entirety of each melody out of regular days,
そのすべてを 名曲にするんだ
Into a recognisable masterpiece.
そう まるでチャイコフスキー
Yeah, you’re just like Tchaikovsky;
You give me sounds filled with bravery.

We’re playing a vivid symphony:
A rainbow symphony;
I’ve stumbled upon sounds,
I wasn’t able to produce alone!
駆け上がるように ドレミファソ
As if welling up, with a do-re-mi-fa-so;
The melody I’m playing…
The melody you’re playing…
A symphony of emotions resounding together.

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