Crystal Snow


Having spent most of my life in Singapore, snow is beyond fascinating for me. This is on top of my general appreciation of snowy scenes – often a mix of cold and melancholy, with serenity and purity. While many complain about the “Beast from the East” as Edinburgh, along with the rest of the UK, is covered in a blanket of pure-white snow, I found myself going for more and more solitary walks while singing to myself like an absolute psychopath.

Crystal Snow by BTS
(Due to Copyright issues, I can’t place the original music video here.)

Lyrics (Japanese/English)

[Verse 1: Jungkook]
雪積もるように 確かめているよ
Like the way snow piles up, I remember what you gave me
君がくれたもの 生きてく勇気
You gave me the courage to live

[Verse 2: J-hope]
Ay, あらゆる時間 越えて出逢ったんだ
We met each other beyond time itself
それで How do we do?果たせる?
So now, how do we do? Can we make it work?
この不確か状態 Love
This fragile love

[Verse 3: V]
思ったより 世界は早くて
The world moves faster than we thought
How we gonna change it?
We don’t know yet
But for sure we will

[Pre-Chorus: Jimin and V]
(Eh) 愛、僕らの胸に uh yeah
(Eh) Love in our hearts, uh yeah
Slowly started to grow

[Chorus: Jimin, Jin , Jungkook , V]
君を抱き締めたい 消えてしまう前に もう一度
I want to embrace you one more time before you disappear
Ah どこまでも 舞い上がる Crystal
Ah, crystal flies high wherever it goes
ねぇ何もいらないから もう少しだけ 感じてたい
Hey, there’s nothing else I want, I just want to feel a little more
Can I touch your heart?
触れたくても すり抜けていく
I want to touch it, but it keeps slipping through my fingers
Oh someday? Someday…

[Verse 4: V and Jungkook]
小さな笑顔が なぜか苦しい
Your little smile somehow hurts me
How can I be closer uh?
この想いは何故 答えが出ない
Why can’t I find an answer for this love?
How I am gonna find it?
Oh let me know

[Verse 5: Suga]
曖昧な形ばかり Crystal Snow
Crystal snow only holds an ambiguous shape
報われない Story なんて もうムリ
I can’t bear my story of unrequited love
Eh この手で変えてみせるのに
Eh, I’ll manage to change it on my own

[Pre-Chorus #2: Jin]
(Eh) Surely 誓えるのに
(Eh) Surely, I can promise you

[Chorus: Jimin, Jin , Jungkook , V]
君を守りたくて 涙に変わる前に もう一度
I want to protect you one more time before tears run down your face
願う程に 届かない Crystal
But the crystal gets further from my reach, the more I wish for it
100年先になっても 次の一歩は君とがいい
Even after 100 years, I want to be with you
Can I be your one?
There is no stars in this snowy sky
Oh someday? Someday…

[Bridge: RM and Jungkook]
The 2 of us are already far apart
Even though we are meant to be together
今では僕らを 彩る絵の具など
Now we can’t choose the paint that colours us
Even the black breath
Even your thick white fog
I feel, I feel, I feel, I feel (oh yeah)
Oh crystal snow, crystal snow
Inside the white mist
君が僕を通り過ぎ (yeah) 水になろうと胸でまだ流れてる (yeah)
Even though you pass through me and turn to water, you are still in my heart (you are in my heart)
輝くもの全てに映る 光る君を見つめてる
I watch you shining and reflecting on every single sparkling thing
I’ll wait for you no matter where
会いたい嘘でも 握ってこの手を
I want to see you, even if you’re pretending, please hold this hand

[Pre-Chorus #3: V and Jin]
愛する温度が 溶け出す メロディ
The warmth of love started melting
確かな 温もりよ 永遠(とわ)に続け
This genuine warmth, please stay forever

[Chorus: Jimin, Jin , Jungkook , V]
君を抱き締めたい 消えてしまう前に もう一度
I want to embrace you one more time before you disappear
叶えるため 舞い上がる Crystal
Crystals fly high to reach you
ねぇ言葉足りないけど ありのままでも伝えるから
Hey, words aren’t enough to express my feelings but I will tell you as it is
Can I touch your heart?
信じて欲しい 迎えに行くよ
I want you to believe me, I’ll come get you
Someday, Someday…

[Outro: Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin]
It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow
(Let me see your smile,oh baby, eh)
It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow
(Let me feel your love,そう どこまでも Fuu)
It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow
(Let me feel your love, our crystal snow yeah)
It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow
Oh yeah
Crystal snow, oh, ohh
どこまでも Baby crystal snow


The song is mainly melancholic and while I do feel that when singing it in the snow, for some reason, it brings a strange calm as well. I think I love winter, not only because the white is tranquil and serene, but because I know it will give way to spring. It is in that transition that I find the most beauty. I must have looked absolutely insane squatting next to these plants.

Sure, it is just a bush with plain yellow flowers, or some weird, generic leaves, but when contrasted with the thick layers of snow that surrounding them, it conveys a sense of quiet strength. Despite the cold and the lack of sunshine, despite having no one around to marvel at its beauty, nature continues to fight and prosper. Sure, summer is beautiful too, but this is a subtle and simple kind of beauty – something I really appreciate. For me, there’s just something extra-captivating in hidden and silent fortitude that catches my attention beyond the almost-boisterous glamour of nature in summer. I mean, I spent minutes just staring at some green grass growing through the snow! I’m really weird…

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